Flowering now

My Mother’s Day treat was having the time to work through the orchids and get a handle on who’s needing what over the winter – several types like a long, dry spell in the colder months to spur them into flowering.

And while I was shifting baskets and pots around, I found some plants in flower.

Tillandsia crocata likes growing outdoors in airy conditions (as I don’t have a shade house it doesn’t have any choice!) and the flowers have a sweet scent. The plant, which has silvery-grey, slightly hair foliage, is native to Brazil.

Tillandsia crocata has a sweet scent.

Tillandsias are, of course, members of the bromeliad family. Here’s a bromeliad in flower but I won’t take too much credit for it as this is another of example of something being dug out and never dug back in!

Bromeliad flower.

The plants had clumped up a little too successfully where they were and reside under an oak tree where they receive nil attention … but still flower.

My Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera) was given to me years ago by an elderly cousin but I haven’t treated it very well over the years (pleased to say I have treated the cousin better).

A couple of years ago I got with the programme and gave everything in pots fresh potting mix. My reward has been seeing everything pep up – and this plant is back in to flowering.

Christmas cactus

Through the summer I was given some pieces of zygo cactus, which are part of the same family but have much bigger flowers. They’ve been growing well so fingers crossed for flowers towards the end of winter or into spring.

Although these plants are called “cactus”, they’re not desert plants but instead come from the humid jungles of Brazil.


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