Here & there

Been out to McLaren Falls Park this morning, beautiful blue sky, sunshine and gorgeous autumn colours. Now it’s clouded over and feeling like there’s rain in the air.

Autumn seems to have sneaked up on me this year – the still-hot days are confusing, but the trees know what they’re doing and the colours are stunning. Some trees have already turned and shed, others have yet to colour up. The red maple beside the lake at Cherry Bay, a favourite of photographers, isn’t quite at its peak yet, but it’s only a matter of days.

I glimpsed a burst of colour up on Pin-oak Flat when I stopped to look at a claret ash (dashed hard to photograph those trees) so followed a sheep track and went closer. A Liquidamber that was a real picture, and low enough for me to photograph.

Park ranger Gary Borman says it’s a “magic” tree and despite the fact that it’s partly fallen over he’s kept it because of its colour.


The photogenic Liquidamber. Photo: Sandra Simpson

Sorry that you didn’t go to the Melbourne Garden Show this year? Well, Sydney is staging its first major garden show – just announced and taking place in early September so they haven’t given themselves much time.

The Australian Garden Show Sydney (shades of the  New Zealand Garden and Artfest, held in Tauranga) will be in Centennial Park “less than 5km from the city centre”. Wny do people have to give their events such grandiose names? Everyone will call it the Sydney Garden Show so why not go with that from the start?


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