Wine-making course

Colin Hewens at Whakamarama is getting ready to share his expertise in using garden produce to create wine.

He says a glut of feijoas got him started on the wine-making trail back in 1976 – the resulting tipple wasn’t great so Colin decided to get it right and hone his skills. He’s previously taught night classes at Tauranga Boys’ College “starting in the chemistry lab and ending up at my home”.

“People usually turn their noses up at home-made wines because they have been bitten by some noxious brew in the past, but I give them a taste of what we make here and their eyes light up.”

Colin and his partner Steve will start their classes next month, one night a week for four consecutive weeks from 7.30pm for 2 hours. Participants will make three five-litre batches of fruit wine by different methods, and sample several cellared brews to see what the results can be like.

Interested? Phone Colin on (07) 552 771 or email him.