Champion daffodils

‘Cosmic Ice’, a single white daffodil, grown by Ian Fisher and Rob Hill of Fisher Nurseries in Cambridge, has been named Champion Bloom at the North Island National Daffodil Show in Gisborne. (The Facebook link has a lovely photo of ‘Cosmic Ice’.)

The Fisher Nurseries team entered 350 blooms with 1200 in total on show.

‘Cosmic Ice’ is a bulb raised in Nelson by long-time daffodil breeder John Hunter. Read a 2015 report about his 70 years of growing the bulbs. He is one of two people in the world to attain three prestigious awards for daffodil growers – a gold medal from the American Daffodil Society, the David Bell Gold Medal from the National Daffodil Society of New Zealand and the Peter Barr Memorial Cup from the Royal Horticultural Society in London.

The Gisborne Herald report about the North Island show includes the following priceless quote:

Gordonton daffodil grower and judge Graham Phillips said he always enjoyed coming to Gisborne for flower shows… Although many entries appeared to share the same geometric perfection as ‘Cosmic Ice’, judges examined the flowers closely for imperfections, [he] said.

“Unlike dog shows, daffodil people do not look like their flowers.”

The South Island National Daffodil Show was held in Hope (near Nelson) on September 24 and 25. The winner there was a seedling bred and entered by Aaron Russ of Christchurch. (Sorry, can’t find a photo of it, or even a report of either National Show on the Daffodil Society website.)