Thursday digest

Orchid lovers are flocking to Kew this month for the annual Orchid Extravaganza, which includes a whole wall of vanda flowers. Read more here and see a photo gallery here.

I’ve recently joined the writing team at the GardenDrum website, run out of Australia by Catherine Stewart. It features a wide and diverse bunch of writers so there should be something to take your fancy. So far, Rose Thodey of Auckland is the only other Kiwi writer but Catherine hopes to add more soon.

Ever wondered about “no-dig” gardening? It sounds too good to be true, but here’s a whole blog devoted to it, courtesy of a Wellington gardener who established her first no-dig garden in England “a while ago”. Heaps of useful and practical advice.

Robin Booth has been planting and tending his Kerikeri garden since 1993 – and stuffing it full of interesting tropical and sub-tropical plants that you won’t see too many other places. We visited Wharepuke in the winter of 2011 and discovered that as well as the delicious garden there is also an award-winning cafe which is beautifully situated on the edge of the garden. Well worth the trek north. Robin, by the way, is the brother of “environmental sculptor” Chris Booth.

A huge project is under way to reveal André Le Nôtre’s original vision for Louis XIV’s Petit Parc at Versailles. Read more about that here.