Photo fun

Spent half the day doing a photography workshop with Kim Westerskov, a Tauranga photographer renowned for his work in Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic islands, particularly his seascapes and wildlife. Here’s a YouTube link to Kim talking about his work (1 hour and 7 minutes) at Auckland Museum in 2013.

The workshop was a good refresher and I’ve already discovered how to do something new with my basic editing software, pushed there by Kim’s demonstration of photo editing. Nothing flash, but something that may help me get subtle improvements now and again.

Kim Westerskov at work in the tropical display house.

As part of the workshop we went for a short walk in Robbins Park to hear Kim talk through his approach to taking a shot (including taking a plant mister along to add “raindrops” to flowers or having a hanky to clean a dirty bit of glass), what he looks for and how he might try radically different angles searching for that photo that makes people go “ooh”.

Also interesting to hear him talk about the “artistic eye” which some people have naturally, while others (such as this mere mortal) have to work at it.

A bee visits a bloom of Absolutely Fabulous.

Big thanks to Nyree Sherlock and Waikato University for making the workshop free!

Photos copyright Sandra Simpson; may not be reused without permission.