Good garlic!

It’s that time of the year again – no, not Christmas, garlic harvesting time.

The old wives have it that you should plant garlic on the shortest day and lift it on the longest day (or thereabouts at either end). We also follow the advice of my mum, who is, after all, an old wife, to snap off the flowers when they appear “so the energy goes back into the bulb”. I don’t know if it makes any difference but we do it.


Some of this summer’s crop. Photo: Sandra Simpson

My extended family all grows the same type of garlic – large cloves and mild tasting – and although those of us in Tauranga didn’t have a great crop one year, my mum had plenty of “wild” garlic and gave us another starter bulb or five. (She hadn’t planted any, but there were enough seeds or little bulbs left in the ground to give a good return.)

Here’s a New Zealand discussion forum about growing garlic and here’s advice on how to grow garlic if you’re a beginner (note that it’s a company site and so that company’s products are to the fore).

We’re looking forward to some roast garlic on Christmas Day – hope you get what you like too. Merry Christmas, everybody!