Small-town style

This gardener may not have a lot of plant range, or even a very big planted area, but he does have a lot of bright colour. Photo: Sandra Simpson

I stopped and took this photo in Bulls last week. The town has the tagline, A Town Like No Udder!, and has public buildings that carry signs saying, for example, Consta-bull (police station), Cure-a-bull (medical centre), Social-bull (hall). The town was actually named because of James Bull, who had a general store on the banks of the Rangitikei River (I suppose the phrase “going to Bull’s” turned into the town’s name). The garden is in the urban area along SH3. The bright front border stretches right along the garden edge, which would have to be about 40m as I think it’s a double section. One of the flags flying is that of Canada, not sure about the other two.

Just down the road in Sanson I’ve been admiring for a few years a fun approach to the front yard – especially with the SH1 traffic going past.


Having fun in the front yard. Photo: Sandra Simpson

The old phone box below was pictured in Athenree, near Waihi Beach (north of Tauranga). You have to wonder if there’s anybody in there under the grapevine.


Don’t have an enclosure for your grape vine? No problem! Photo: Sandra Simpson

And, finally, a garden found as we passed through Owaka, in the deep south of the South Island. The sign says “can you count the fairys” (sic). Blimey, I was so dazzled by the tea-pots I didn’t see any fairies. Here’s a small story about the garden and its owners.

owaka2 - Copy

Owaka teapot garden. Photo: Sandra Simpson