Taste of Japan

Visiting Japan in autumn is a sublime treat with the season celebrated in clothing, food, outings to view coloured leaves and plant displays. While our borders are still, in effect, closed, I thought we might enjoy some glimpses of autumn in Japan.

This is likely one plant that has been expertly trained to provide a sensational half-orb of blooms. The display of chrysanthemums at Izumo Grand Shrine was delightful. Photo: Sandra Simpson

American chrysanthemum enthusiast Matt Mattus has posted a step-by-step guide, with photos, on training chrysanthemum plants as a cascade, a traditional Japanese form. Read it here.

One corner of the shrine’s flower display. Photo: Sandra Simpson
A beautifully presented autumnal meal at a hotel in Kinosaki Onsen, which went on to feature several snow crab dishes. The thermal resort is renowned for its snow crab. Photo: Sandra Simpson

Hanami, picnics under the trees, are a way of celebrating spring blossom, momijigari (red leaf hunting) is traditional in autumn. And, thanks to the country’s climate, what a display it is.

Coloured leaves at Eikando Temple in Kyoto. Photo: Sandra Simpson
Peeled persimmons drying on a balcony in Takayama. Photo: Sandra Simpson

Read more about how dried persimmons are used in Japan in this earlier post.

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