Te Puke Orchid Show

Nice busy atmosphere this morning for the opening of the Bay of Plenty Orchid Show in Te Puke’s Memorial Hall – lots of people looking at, talking about and buying orchids. What could be better? Everyone seemed glad to be back after the cancellation of last year’s show.

There’s plenty for visitors to see with displays by the BOP, Tauranga and Whangarei orchid societies, and vendors Leroy Orchids, Ninox Orchids and Bill Liddy. Plenty to buy too, with other vendors including Conrad Coenen, Selwyn Hatrick, Thomas Brown, Philip Zhou, Patricia Hutchins who, having also been in the wars, is accompanied by her daughter, Barry and Averil Baxter (pots, stakes, etc), and Lynn and Greg Barnes (fertiliser).

Visitors had come from as far afield as Auckland and Hamilton, while Lee and Roy Neale had made it ‘come hell or high water’. We’re glad to know they’re both on the mend.

Here’s a selection of some of the smaller treasures on display (there are plenty of big ones too, don’t worry). The show is open again tomorrow (April 10), 10am-4pm, $3 entry.

Stenoglottis are terrestrial orchids native to South Africa. This one is the hybrid Stenoglottis Neptune. Photo: Sandra Simpson
Rhyncattleanthe Leroy’s Star was registered last year by Leroy Orchids of west Auckland. Rhyncattleanthe orchids were previously known as Potinara. Photo: Sandra Simpson
Dracula bella ‘Cutie’ has been imaginatively staged on the Tauranga Orchid Society display. Dracula orchids are found from southernmost Mexico to Peru. Photo: Sandra Simpson
Dendrobium lawesii is is native to Bougainville Island and northern Papua New Guinea and is named for the Reverend W. G. Lawes, a missionary who sent a plant to the Royal Botanist of Australia in 1884.  Flower colour is variable, from a solid red or orange but also including this bicolour red/white and a red/yellow. It flowers on leafless canes. Photo: Sandra Simpson
Phragmipedium Hanne Popow is an exquisite tiny orchid. Photo: Sandra Simpson
Neostylis Baby Angel is, believe it or not, a member of the Vanda family of orchids, plants which have flowers as large as those of a moth orchid (Phalaenopsis). Photo: Sandra Simpson

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