A good fit

Hopefully you won’t have missed me while I was away recently – 2 months in northern Europe. As I’m settling back in (and it’s raining today), it seemed a good chance to start sharing some photos.

IMG_0311 - Copy

This grape vine in Bruges (Belgium) was quite healthy despite growing out a tiny hole in the pavement cobbles. Photo: Sandra Simpson

IMG_9531 - Copy

Even a tiny balcony can be enhanced with window boxes. Seen in the central area of the coastal city of Klaipeda, Lithuania. Photo: Sandra Simpson

IMG_0748 - Copy

Squash growing on tee-pees at the northern Netherlands at Hoogland Open-air Museum, which sets put to re-create 19th century life. Photo: Sandra Simpson

IMG_8464 - Copy

Working in a Stockholm community garden (notwithstanding interruptions by nosy foreigners). The few beds in this square near the National History Museum were set up by the Swedish National Property Board in association with the Swedish Allotment Association. The ‘holders’ working here said they can grow what they like.  The signboard says: ‘This project is a reminder of the country house that was located in this area from the 17th century until 1830 when the land was taken over by the military.’ Photo: Sandra Simpson

IMG_8563 - Copy

Also in Stockholm, in the Larkstaden district, a clematis carefully contained. Photo: Sandra Simpson

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