Gold medals at NZFGS

A well-deserved Gold medal to Franca Logan of Takapuna in Auckland who has done the most amazing floral installation, really lifts what is otherwise quite a small floral art display – and seems to fill half the tent!

‘Bloom Wherever You Are Planted’ is, according to the programme, about the early Dutch and European migrants to New Zealand who put down roots and brought flowers from their homelands. Franca, who was born in The Netherlands and has more than 25 years’ floral experience, says she couldn’t have done it without a great team of helpers.

The central part of the installation is a loose circle of branches and twigs, while either side is a ‘field’ of flowers tied to stakes. Included are peonies, carnations and roses.

florienne3 - Copy

Part of the huge display by Franca Logan. Photo: Sandra Simpson

Heritage Roses New Zealand won Gold for its Community Gardening display (in the same tent as Floral Fashion). Olga Yuretich, the organisation’s president, was down from Northland to talk to visitors and looking splendid in her outfit. Read more about Olga’s own garden here.

heritage roses - Copy

Olga Yuretich, president of Heritage Roses NZ. Photo: Sandra Simpson

Happened to be walking past the Balcony Gardens when members of the Auckland Bonsai Society were celebrating their Gold medal with a photo session. One of the members, Moira, is also a member of LoooP Creative, which helped with the display. Read more about LoooP here, plus see a guide to the names and ages of the trees in the display. The group photo was taken by me! After I’d taken the one I wanted, they all handed me their phones.

bonsai - Copy

Alessandro of the Auckland Bonsai Society celebrates the win. The bonsai balcony garden depicts the skills and interests an immigrant may bring to New Zealand, while using native trees to show how s/he integrates. Photo: Sandra Simpson

Buffie Mawhinney has the distinction of winning two Gold medals, both in the Upcycle Challenge. She won for her own entry, ‘Funk up my Junk’, and also for ‘The Winslow Girls’, working with her mother Christine Mawhinney and her aunt Sue Winslow.

Buffie walks the talk too, working in the Ranui Community Gardens in Auckland and managing a non-profit cafe.

buffie - Copy

Buffie Mawhinney with her ‘boudoir’ of growing things – including in op shop shoes, a dressing table, picture frame and hat box. Photo: Sandra Simpson

buffie3 - Copy

Detail from Funk up my Junk by Buffie Mawhinney. Photo: Sandra Simpson

winslow girls5 - Copy

The Gold medal entry by Buffie Mawhinney, Christine Mawhinney and Sue Winslow. Photo: Sandra Simpson

The show is on in west Auckland until Sunday.

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