Back again!

Sorry for the long silence – it started with being overwhelmed by the amount I had to do to replace all the missing photos. The easiest thing was to do nothing but I knew that wouldn’t last and I have made a start on getting the images back in place. There will still be posts with big, grey rectangles in them but I’ll just carry on with the work now as I have time. (Even while I was avoiding posting, I was keeping the Events calendar up-to-date.)

A family death meant that instead of being away from home for a few days in Melbourne I was away for the best part of a week as we set off down country as soon as we arrived home. And I didn’t feel much like garden fun for a bit.

And then there was a flurry of paid employment to be getting on with – one of the results of that has been the launch of the 2017 Tauranga Arts Festival, plus I’ve been combating a particularly nasty lurgy that’s going around …

Heading towards spring seems like a good time to get back into it so postings will begin again. Best wishes to you all, Sandra

2 thoughts on “Back again!

  1. Oh the joys of running a website – I’m looking forward to your spring stories. Sorry to hear you’ve been unwell. A terrible flu has been sweeping through Oz too – one not in the annual vaccine.

    • Same here as regards the flu, Catherine. I read the other day that it was brought in with the Lions rugby supporters from the UK! The Vege Grower was really crook with it, I’ve got off lightly but am coughing like I smoke a pack a day!

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