Chelsea Flower Show controversy

James Basson, an Englishman domiciled in France, has won Best in Show at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show – and visitors are not impressed!

Plenty of landscape designers were also left scratching their heads over a garden that takes its inspiration from the landscape of Malta, depicting an abandoned quarry being reclaimed by nature. “Each space reflects how that process might take place, with certain plants colonising the drought stricken summits whilst others seek cool shade between the stones,” writes The Frustrated Gardener (Dan Cooper). Read his full summary (well worth it) which also includes plenty of photos and a plant list right at the end.


James Basson with his award-winning garden. Photo: Dan Cooper

Stephen Lacey, meanwhile, offers some background to the garden as in 2015 he travelled to Malta with Basson as the ideas were beginning to take shape. Read more here.

Janna Schrier has taken her time with the garden (and lots of photos). “But those who stopped and looked, those who got their Chelsea Show guide out to seek an understanding of just what this garden was trying to say to them, seemed to go through something of a metamorphosis.” Read her thoughts here.

This year has seen the smallest number of gardens on display at Chelsea.

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