Flowering now

The strong winds we’ve had in December and January kind of took the fun and enjoyment out of the summer garden – even the plants have been hunkering down a bit. But some have still been some flowering ….

The first flowering of my Hoya Jungle Garden – had it about 3 years – but it has been worth the wait. Photo: Sandra Simpson

So lucky I photographed this white Oriental lily when I did – a few days later it was suffering from windburn and a day or so after that was flattened by the wind! Photo: Sandra Simpson

Hoya fusca is covering itself in flowers this year … but note the yellow oleander aphid thriving at the heart of the bloom. The plant’s been hanging in the orchid shadehouse for a few months so it’s now back outside where our ‘stiff breezes’ should keep the aphids off. Photo: Sandra Simpson

Every spring the Thunia veitchiana orchid sends up new canes at a great rate of knots with about three of these striking flowers at the top of each cane. Photo: Sandra Simpson

I’ve struggled with my little Promenaea orchids (all divisions of one plant). They seem pretty reluctant to grow so I was thrilled when one actually put up a bud which actually came into flower (the other bud withered). Some people in the Tauranga Orchid Society grow them beautifully! Photo: Sandra Simpson



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