Garden & Artfest: Day 3

A gallery of photos from today, in no particular order.

Leigh Nicholas is showing an exhibition of her stunning flower photos in her Papamoa garden. Photo: Sandra Simpson

Clare Trott has ‘boxed clever’ by using Japanese box for her hedging – no problems with blight, whereas her two English box balls need constant spraying. Photo: Sandra Simpson

The view across the harbour from Pete’s Retreat at Mataphi (No 52). The peacock isn’t real. Photo: Sandra Simpson

This surprisingly large and well tended suburban Te Puke garden was full of sophisticated detail, such as this deck dresser. Photo: Sandra Simpson

Liz Clark in her Ohauiti pottery studio. Photo: Sandra Simpson

Claudia Gorringe (Standards of Excellence) was in a Japanese-inspired, high in the Ohauiti hills, chatting to the owner (far right). Photo: Sandra Simpson

Thankfully, after a long trip into the Ohauiti hills, there was a another garden open right next door. The giant gerbera makes a nice focal point at the end of this rustic pergola. Photo: Sandra Simpson


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