Coming up roses … and irises!

Tauranga residents have been able to enjoy two flower shows this weekend – the BOP Rose Society show on Saturday, which this year has become a judged show again after about 10 years of display only, and the golden anniversary show of the BOP Iris Group, held today.

Rose Show

Champion of Champions was Solitaire, shown by Bev Turnwald, with the same bloom also named Champion Exhibition bloom. Bev also took out Champion Fully Open with another stem of Solitaire.

Champion of Champions and Champion Exhibition bloom was Solitaire, grown by Bev Turnwald. Photo: Sandra Simpson

Glowing Amber, grown by Marie Ryan, was Champion Mini Stem. Photo: Sandra Simpson

Best Wishes, shown by Marie Ryan, was Champion Small Stem. Photo: Sandra Simpson

The BOP Rose Society meets on the third Sunday of the month, 1.30pm, at various places (fewer meetings over winter). For more information email Fern.

Iris Show

Queen of the Show, Best Seedling & Champion Bearded Iris: Unnamed seedling (Christina Braybrook); Champion Beardless Iris: Arts Alive (Merv and Lynn Stockley); Best NZ-bred Iris: Jean Collins (Merv and Lynn Stockley); Best Gold Iris: Penny Lane (Cris Savage); Points Prize: Christina Braybrook.

Queen of the Show was this unnamed seedling grown by Christina Braybrook – the stem had 6 flowers on it. Photo: Sandra Simpson

Candy Cane Cutie shown by Cris Savage of Meadowland Irises in Matua (Tauranga). Photo: Sandra Simpson

Hampton Harmony, grown by Cris Savage. Photo: Sandra Simpson

An unnamed seedling grown by Christina Braybrook. Photo: Sandra Simpson

The BOP Iris Group meets on the last Sunday of the month, from 11am (includes a shared lunch) at a member’s home. For more information email Jim.

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