News Digest

2016 could be the worst year on record for British butterflies – and no one’s entirely sure why. The weather (mild winter followed by a sunless summer)? Agricultural practices? Read more here. So last month Butterfly Conservation in the UK organised a public Big Butterfly Count, see the results here.

In New Zealand, meanwhile, NZ Gardener magazine is urging its readers to take part throughout September in The Great Kiwi Bee Count.

Stop press: From this morning’s UK Guardian – the insecticide being used in the US to combat zika-carrying mosquitoes also kills bees! (Now there’s a surprise.) Read the story here.

Daniel Mount was feeling jaded when he took a trip to the wildflowers of Washington state but then began to remember why he became a landscape gardener. Read the article here.

Bob Berry, who turned 100 in June, has written a book cataloguing all the trees (more than 3000) at Hackfalls Arboretum near Gisborne. The book was launched in May at the annual conference of the International Dendrology Society NZ in Gisborne.

Mr Berry, who created Hackfalls Arboretum, has also catalogued the national arboretum at Eastwoodhill. Any profits from the book will go to Hackfalls.

Growing anything in a drought is a thankless task, but some Californians reckon they may have the answer – dry farming. One says that last year he grew over a ton of quinoa per acre without a single drop of water, during the worst drought in 600 years. Read more here.

New York Botanical Gardens is marking its 125th birthday with a series of events and celebrations. Don’t forget the Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney is celebrating its 200th birthday – find a list of special events here. And we mustn’t forget what’s being recorded as the world’s newest botanical garden in Laos, scheduled to open in November. Read more here.

Australia-born (as Michael White) Bali-resident garden designer Made Wijaya died last month suddenly in Sydney. Read a recap of his life here and a more personal obituary here.

And finally, the award winners from this year’s US Association of Professional Landscape Designers – enjoy!


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