Clivia display

I had hoped to bring you a story and photos about the Tauranga area clivia display – but technology had other ideas! My computer was in the shop for 2 days this week having its hard drive transferred but, as so often happens, not everything did transfer, some of the updates are causing me to scratch my head, and my email contacts book has been thinned out.

On the positive side, the new hard drive is So. Much. Faster. and I daresay I will figure everything else out sooner or later. I uploaded some pictures to Photobucket earlier today but it didn’t work quite in tandem with my PC causing the process to be rather awkward and time-consuming.

So I thought I would simply point you at the display details and endorse the show as worth attending.

Tauranga Clivia Display, Sunday, September 27, 1-4pm, 139 Te Puna Rd (Plantstruck nursery), free. There is plenty of carparking inside the site, and there will be a large display of clivias, many of them bred by the people showing them, plants for sale and advice to be had.

Don’t forget to check the Events page for garden-related goings-on that are local, national and international. Right at the bottom of the page is a list for 2016 conferences and shows, plus a few for 2017. Nothing like planning ahead!

Fingers crossed that normal service will be resumed shortly…


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