Orchid show champions

Apologies for not having posted these sooner – last weekend two computers went phut, and then needed to catch up on actual paid work. Never mind, here we are with the winners from last weekend’s Tauranga Orchid Show. Cattleya intermedia is an orchid that’s native to Brazil and is an interesting one because it comes in a variety of colours with the flowers slightly differently shaped. Read more about it here.

Champion: Cattleya intermedia variety orlata ‘Rio’, grown by Maurice Bycroft of Matamata. Photo: Sandra Simpson

Reserve champion: Zygoneria Kings Park grown by Brian Enticott of Tauranga. Photo: Sandra Simpson

Zygoneria orchids are a hybrid between two allied families – Zygopetalum and Neogardineria. The cross produces a green flower on a more compact plant with better colour combinations than Zygopetalums, and more fragrance. As you can see it is a free flowering cross too, always a bonus. The Zygoneria Kings Park line is smaller again than the original cross.

There was plenty on show to catch the eye, including these beauties …

Paphiopedilum hainanense x wardii. Photo: Sandra Simpson

Dendrobium Nora Tokunaga was bred by well-known Hawaiian orchid grower Roy Tokunaga. Photo: Sandra Simpson

This Dendrobium is made from plants native to New Guinea (Latouria dendrobiums) and you can read more about a particular group of those orchids, including a mention of the one above, here. Den. Nora Tokunaga needs heat to do well.

Lee and Roy Neale of Leroy Orchids had this beauty on their stand – Epicattleya Gerardus Staal ‘Muzza’. Photo: Sandra Simpson

This little sweetie is Cymbidium Magic Devon ‘Maisie’. Photo: Sandra Simpson


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