Postcard from Feilding

Sometimes when you receive bad news, the only thing to do is hug each other and go out into the garden for a potter and a ponder. That’s what I did this morning on a gloriously sunny winter’s day. Get the thoughts in order. So I’m sending a postcard out into the world wishing all those facing difficult times ahead their fair share of moments of peace. Hard to know what to say to those who are left behind except that time does help, a bit.

Clematis Freckles – flowers and seed heads. Photo: Sandra Simpson

Earlier this month I found Clematis Freckles flowering on the block of public toilets in Manchester Square, Feilding. A winter-flowering vine, now there’s a grand thing. This story from the Guardian (UK) tells you a bit more about the plant. Here’s some New Zealand information about the plant, although I will note that the flowers in Feilding were much smaller and more bell shaped, sort of like hellebores.

Planting it on a brick wall in Feilding was a good idea as the vine will receive just that bit extra heat through the Manawatu winter.

Not the greatest shot, but the best I could do on a grey, breezy day. Photo: Sandra Simpson

By the way, it really is ‘Friendly Feilding’ and the Farmers’ Market in the square on a Friday is one of the best in the country.


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