Look closer

Perhaps it was the ubiquitous gazanias of otherwise desolate beach gardens or the baking hot roadsides of my childhood, but these tough South African natives have never been my favourites and I detested the gaudy blooms, the cheap and cheerful look – and gazanias are still all those things …

but, in a walk around my late mother’s garden recently, I looked closer …


Photo: Sandra Simpson


Photo: Sandra Simpson


Photo: Sandra Simpson




Photos taken using the macro function on a Canon SX50 HS.

If you want to see some astoundingly good plant photography have a look at the website of Leigh Nicholas, co-owner of Evergreen Landscapes at 468 Papamoa Beach Rd who has  embarked on a parallel career of fine art photography – and she’s good!



2 thoughts on “Look closer

  1. Hi Sandra, Beautiful flowers and photos. I remember the comfort of the gardens after my mother’s passing. Her yard had pear and apple trees when I was young, and also a grape arbor. I loved her red, pink, and white peonies. We have pink peonies. Blessings, Ellen

  2. Hello Ellen, My Mum’s garden has undergone great change this year, she saw some of it, but not all, with the removal of the big old shelter trees. I won’t live to see it enclosed again but we’re making plans to replant the shelter. The garden should tick over for a little while and it has a couple of gardeners who care for it. I was thinking the other day that I’ll lift some bearded iris I have and take them down. The replenishing of the garden may be what’s lacking in the next little while so I’ll try and help out. Thank you for stopping by.

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