This year’s QuarryFest is on Sunday (November 2) – and I’ll be there as a stallholder so do come and say hello.

I’ve made a calendar for 2015 featuring my own nature photos paired with my haiku and will be selling these from a spot on the Dragon Lawn (far end of the car park) at Te Puna Quarry Park, a few kilometres north of Tauranga on SH2, from 10am to 4pm. Entertainment includes the fabulous Wai Taiko Drummers from Hamilton.

If you would like a calendar for your wall or to give away I’m also happy to post copies.

Within New Zealand: $15 each + $2.50 P&P = $17.50. You can order up to 4 calendars for the same P&P (ie, 4 calendars come in one envelope so 2 calendars would be $32.50, etc).

Australia: Add $3.50 for P&P = $18.50.

Rest of the World: Add $4 for P&P = $19.

If you would like to purchase by PayPal, please let me know. If you would like to send cash in your local currency let me know and I’ll convert it to that day’s rate. Email me for further details.

I’ve had so much fun putting the calendar together (including identifying some notable dates) that I hope you will enjoy it too.

I’ll leave you with the image from February – and a quote from a satisfied customer in England.

“High production values, incredible photographs, and fine haiku. Honestly, don’t delay, as I don’t know how many copies Sandra has left. I love mine! It’s going on the wall as soon as it’s 2015, but will be read many times through the rest of 2014 for pleasure alone.”                                                  – Alan Summers, poet and editor


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