Postcard from Dubai

Patrick Blanc’s green wall in the Sofitel Palm Hotel, Dubai. Photo: Supplied

A regular reader has sent in a photo of a green wall by the founder of the green wall movement Patrick Blanc of France. In fact, this is only one section of the green wall or “vertical garden” which is inside the Sofitel Palm Hotel in Jumeirah, Dubai (the land reclaimed in the shape of a palm tree). Click here to see more pictures of the garden, including detail of some of the plants.

The reader who has supplied the photo was staying in the hotel and says there wasn’t a great deal of colour in it at the time, a few anthuriums in flower were the only bright spots. Read a 2011 article about the “transformative” work of Patrick Blanc (who dyes his hair green!) here. M. Blanc also works at the French National Centre for Scientific Research, specialising in tropical plants and trekking the world plant hunting – in 2011 he discovered a new begonia in the Philippines (Begonia blancii).

And here’s a 2012 photo of the “palm” just to give an idea of what money can do. The building at the top of the palm ring is a hotel, but not the Sofitel. The buildings on the fronds are private homes.

Photo: Dubai Wingsuit Flying Trip by Richard Schneider, uploaded by FAEP via Wikimedia Commons.



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