Growing Pains

The effervescent and always-fun Lynda Hallinan is coming to Tauranga Friday, October 17 to speak at a fundraiser for the Sydenham Botanic Park project.

The early evening event – called Growing Pains – is in the lovely atrium space at Tauranga Art Gallery.

Editor-at-large for New Zealand Gardener magazine, Lynda has travelled extensively in New Zealand and overseas, visiting many of the world’s great garden events and gardens.

These days, though, she is most likely to be found in her new-ish, large rural garden with two little helpers in tow – she reckons that all that’s changed is the size of her gardening mistakes!

Lynda is refreshingly frank about the hits and misses she has in her garden and may share some of her experiences of opening a garden to the public – her first festival was while she was living in her central Auckland cottage. When she found herself feverishly  linking extension cords so she could blow-dry the dahlias, she realised a certain madness had taken hold!

Since then she’s moved to the country, got married (in a garden she and fiancé created for the event), bought livestock, developed an orchard and had two baby boys – and wrote about it all in Back to the Land (Penguin). She writes weekly columns for the Sunday Star-Times and has hosted a TV show where she helped guide families to developing a successful vegetable garden.

What: An evening with Lynda Hallinan, plus some fantastic spot prizes and raffles.
When: Friday, October 17 at 5.30pm.
Where: Tauranga Art Gallery, cash bar.
Tickets: $15 each, available from Palmers at Bethlehem (7 days) and GardenPost, 155 First Ave W, which is off Glasgow St (Mon-Fri only). There are no booking fees! Note that seats are limited and there may not be door sales available.

Thanks to sponsors – GardenPost, Palmers Bethlehem and incredible edibles – all proceeds from the evening will go to the Botanic Park project.


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