Granny’s Delirium 2

A peek into Granny’s parlour, ready for public inspection. Photo: Sandra Simpson

Pictures from the Tauranga Orchid Show on today and tomorrow at the Racecourse, 10am-4pm, $3/adult.

Laelia lundii has been attracting attention, not always an easy plant to flower, according to an expert. Photo: Sandra Simpson


Commercial grower Russell Hutton has brought along award-winning Phalaenopsis orchids from Taiwan, not seen before in New Zealand and including a coppery shade. Photo: Sandra Simpson

Mary Parkinson (with a little help from her friends) makes up table decorations and posies for sale. Mary opened Tauranga’s first florist’s shop and has made bouquets for royalty and celebrities, including Liberace! Photo: Sandra Simpson

A visitor admires the display. Judging was done this morning. Photo: Sandra Simpson



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