Granny’s Delirium

Been at the Tauranga Racecourse for most of the day, helping to put together the display for the three-day Tauranga Orchid Society show that opens tomorrow (10am-4pm each day).

Granny’s Orchid Delirium has been devised by the society’s vice-president Conrad Coenen and is a walk through Granny’s parlour then out past her patio, enjoying flowering orchids of all shapes, sizes and colours.

The Welcome sign. Photo: Sandra Simpson

I’ve lifted furniture, cut cloth, held stuff steady (although was unable to manage a staple gun, those things are hard to fire!), unloaded plants from cars, unpacked plants from crates and placed plants in the display under the watchful eye of those more experienced.

Conrad (left), Ute and nutty Bob. Photo: Sandra Simpson

Ute and I became the origami twins, wrapping framework in black cloth to match the in-situ black dividing panels and so creating the walls of the display. I also reckoned we could probably upscale and become the new Christo such was the neatness of our work. Oh, okay, Ute’s work.

Who is this Granny we’re talking about? Well, she’s a widow with a wide circle of friends and a loving family, but she’s kind of lost the plot after being given an orchid in bloom and has definitely caught orchid fever (no known cure).

Conrad and his Granny (left). Photo: Sandra Simpson

To find out more, come along to the Racecourse in Greerton – there are lots of plants for sale so you may find yourself infected by the same bug as Granny.


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