National Camellia Show results

Bumped into Caroll Anderton at the Spring Fling and she has been kind enough to provide the Western Bay of Plenty results from the National Camellia Show and Convention held in Hastings last month. Eight members competed and seven brought home awards!

There were 870 blooms on display from 108 growers with 15 camellia societies represented, from Whangarei to Dunedin. The 2015 conference will be in New Plymouth.

To see generic photos of these blooms, go to the New Zealand Camellia Society website.

Champion bloom; champion reticulata: Ruta Hagmann, grown by Diane and Harvey Howard of Blenheim.

Caroll Anderton: Os Blumhardt Trophy for 3 Hybrid Blooms, the same: Patricia M Bates. Clark Cup (best japonica seedling). Maire Trophy (best overall seedling – Caroll has yet to name this plant, but it may be one of her last). Certificate for 3 Medium Japonica, the same: Elena Noble. Honours: Patricia M Bates, Elena Noble and Hishi Karaito.

Ailsa James: Berg Trophy for 6 Reticulata, different. Clark Cup (best reticulata seedling). Certificates: 6 Small Japonica, different; 6 Miniature Japonica, different; 3 Medium Japonica different; 3 Variegated, different; 12 Japonica, different; 3 Small Japonica, different. Honours: Jamie.


Camellia Night Rider in the garden of Colleen Ross. Photo: Sandra Simpson

Colleen Ross: B & J Warsaw Trophy: 3 Miniature, different. Certificate: 1 Spray under 35cm: Wirlinga Princess. Honours: Buttons & Bows, Raspberry Glow, Alfrons and Night Rider.

Margaret & Leo Mangos: Durrant Trophy for Yunnan Reticulata: Purple Gown.

Jill Gray: Honours: Japonica Bernice Boddy.

Bill Anderson: Honours: Peggy Burton.


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