Photos from the Fling

What glorious day it was at Te Puna Quarry Park on Sunday for the second annual Spring Fling – vivid blue sky, sunshine and plants and people galore. When I was going through my photos it seemed as though there were a few useful sub-headings I could use, so here goes …



John Beech, director of November’s Garden and Artfest. Photo: Sandra Simpson


Orchid repotting demos by Barry Curtis are always popular. Photo: Sandra Simpson


Roger Allen grows hydrangeas for the cut-flower market and breeds his own plants. He was also selling protea flowers that went so quickly he had to send for more. Photo: Sandra Simpson



Black Doris plum – from the stall of Brent Tennet. Photo: Sandra Simpson

Brent is the owner of Te Puna Plum Nursery, which specialises in stone fruit. Why can’t we grow apricots here? Because the soil is too rich, Brent told me this morning, and the winters aren’t anywhere near cold enough. Leave apricots to central Otago.


Iris unguicularis on the stand of Bill and Willie Dijk. Photo: Sandra Simpson

Commonly known as the Algerian iris, this little plant flowers in winter. Read more about it here.


A ranuncula in a kokedama hanging made by Coraleigh Parker. Photo: Sandra Simpson

Read more about Coraleigh Parker and kokedama here. Read how to make a moss-covered kokedama here.


Francine Thomas gets emphatic during a floral art demonstration. Photo: Sandra Simpson


Francine’s tea cup and saucer. Photo: Sandra Simpson

See Francine’s website. She’s an enormously talented individual, and a real hoot!


Shona Purves reckons that she made about 200 scones for Devonshire teas last year – I’ll be sure to ask her this week what her estimate is for 2014. The women were busy all day and sometimes had lines of up to 20 people waiting, and no wonder. The scones were fluffy, delicious and fresh from the gallery’s oven … and they had jam and whipped cream on top! What’s not to like?


Lynne Avery (left), baker Shona Purves in the background, and Lois Galbraith. Photo: Sandra Simpson

Update: Shona says that more than 300 scones were baked and sold on the day … and they went through 8 litres of cream, whipped for the crowning glory.


Quarry Park visionary and society patron Shirley Sparks (right) takes a tea break with Pauline McCowan, who brought her red MGBGT along for the day. Photo: Sandra Simpson



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