Garden & Art Festival launch

Your intrepid reporter was at the launch of the Tauranga Garden and Art Festival last night – nibbling on delicious canapés and chatting to interesting people. The speeches were a bit long but that’s not unexpected at these things, although one older member of the audience near me needed a hand as she became faint. But actually it all went off swimmingly, and even the rain that had finally arrived in Tauranga yesterday came to a halt just as people were arriving.

BOOM – the 2014 Tauranga Garden and Art Festival is launched. Photo: Sandra Simpson

The early evening event was held in a summer house and adjoining marquee at the grand home of Cheryl and Paul Adams in Bethlehem and a suitably swanky way to launch this biennial event that seems to be chock full of goodies this year.

Festival director John Beech has really got hold of the November 17 to 23 event, his second at the helm, and if it doesn’t draw the crowds it won’t be for want of trying as there probably is, as the cliché has it, something for everyone.

Speaking at the Garden and Art Festival is award-winning garden designer Ben Hoyle, pictured here at this year’s Ellerslie show with his “sanctuary” garden. Photo: Sandra Simpson

Click on the link at the top and have a look, but besides the garden trails there are displays, installation art with a garden theme, speakers and workshops, the Sculpture Symposium and some events to attract people who aren’t necessarily gardeners or interested in gardening but want to be part of the fun.

Tickets are on sale now and include single-day or multi-day passes for the garden trails (you only find out which gardens are on the trails once you’ve bought a ticket which comes with its own programme and map). Several of the special events are running at The Lakes on the outskirts of Tauranga and will include a café.


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