New camera, tralee, trala

Have I been having fun these past couple of weeks – a new camera for my birthday. Nothing wrong with my old Canon Powershot SX10 IS mind, but the Canon Powershot SX50 HS is several generations on in terms of development. Not so much has changed on the outside, but … the screen display is so crisp and clear it takes my breath away, they’ve gone back to a single, solid battery (yay) and my new baby has the biggest zoom in the business for a fixed-lens digital.

I’ve stuck with the Canon Powershot because of its display screen that can move in several directions, a feature I find invaluable.

So here are some photos…

Macro function on a daffodil in my garden in low light after rain. That’s a ittle bug on the flower. Photo: Sandra Simpson

A tui feeding in Prunus campanulata at McLaren Falls Park, zoom used. Photo: Sandra Simpson

Macro again, this time a bloom on my Dendrobium Aussie Springtime orchid, taken today. Photo: Sandra Simpson











Having a great camera isn’t going to instantly turn anyone into a great photographer – that takes practise, and plenty of it. But having a camera that’s easy to use and which offers some great functions will encourage you to get out there and get snapping. Oh, and read the manual – it really does help!

If you’re interested in upskilling there are regular courses for people with any sort of camera – you don’t need to have semi-professional gear or a great deal of knowledge, the courses are catered to participants. In Tauranga we have Kim Westerskov, well known for his landscapes, animals and birds (including in Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic islands), and Jo Miller of Capture It Photography.

Please note that the Events page has been updated today, including some overseas events for 2015 – nothing like planning ahead! And also note that from November 20-25 there is a special tour, Pilgrimage North, to celebrate the 200 years that roses have been in New Zealand.


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