Breaking a promise

Well it was only to myself. No more plants, I said, I’m only going to the auction to make up the numbers … famous last words. Mind you, not all of the $80 spent was on orchids, some of it went on jam, lemons, books and bromeliads.

The one orchid I really had my eye on went to another bidder – twice! Never mind, there’s always the Tauranga show in September.

Really, nice plants (many with flower spikes on) for $2, $3, $5 … who could resist? The old milk-bottle crate that came with four Dendrobium orchids tucked in it was a charming bonus and brought back memories of lugging the milk in from the gate in such a crate on cold and frosty mornings.

Thanks to the BOP Orchid Society for a great afternoon out.

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