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Graeme Platt, who used to hang out of helicopters to collect kauri cones, has been charged by the Ministry of Primary Industries for allegedly illegally importing seed of a Pacific kauri banned in new Zealand. Read all about that here. The 73-year-old isn’t going down without a fight. And here’s a link to the post in early May about the charges against Clive Higgie of Wanganui.

Gardeners in the Tauranga area may be interested to know that the local Riding for the Disabled is offering horse and pony manure for a gold coin donation – take a trailer or help yourself to pre-bagged manure. RDA is open Monday to Saturday, 44 Ngapeke Rd, RD5, Tauranga (Welcome Bay area). For more information phone (07) 544 1899.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the Events page for things happening in Tauranga, New Zealand and the wider world! It’s updated regularly.


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