Newsy bits

First up, some local news.

For people who stop at the shop, Lennard’s Orchard and Nursery, on the corner of Poplar Lane and SH2 between Te Puke and Papamoa, it is the end of an era with the retirement of Marilyn Fraser (nee Lennard) , who started the shop at one end of the Lennard family farm 32 years ago.

She was later joined by her sister Liz Carter and after the shop burned down in 1997, they rebuilt and have run it together until the end of last year when it was sold to Lynn Torr, who had been a customer for many years.

The two other Lennard sisters – Caroll Anderton and Ailsa James – have also retired. Caroll ran the camellia nursery on the farm and propagated plants there with the help of Ailsa.

Their father, Trevor Lennard, was a camellia breeder of note and his daughters all have plants named for them.

Now some national news …

Kay Baxter of Koanga Institute is going on a national speaking tour in May and June, find the details here. The tour is a fundraiser to buy the land on which the institute grows heritage varieties.

A berm garden in Auckland (verge garden anyway else, I think) has been entered in a landscape design award. Passersby are being asked not to take the crops until after judging. Read all about that here.

Meanwhile, Allan Scott in Christchurch is making his liquefaction silt bloom. The story was printed just before the floods that hit the city this week so there’s no way of knowing if the 78-year-old has to start his garden yet again.

And finally, we’re going global.

Some stunning images from the International Garden Photographer of the Year competition. To see the full selection of images in all categories go here.

An interesting article by the always-entertaining Tim Richardson who has asked European designers what they think of British garden design (if you’re planning a visit to Blighty it also throws up some garden recommednations).


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