More Ellerslie

Large garden shows are as much about spotting the cheap ‘n cheerful ideas as being blown away by the cash that’s been thrown about to create a small garden for a very limited time.

Here are some of each … (all photos are my own and therefore copyrighted to me)

Milk containers recycled as planters – St Alban’s Catholic School won silver.

Letitia Thomson and Ashleigh Matthews looked to Mexico for inspiration for their courtyard design in the student section and won silver. Wouldn’t this wall be fun to create?

Sally Brown of Blueskin Nurseries, near Dunedin, created a flower-filled pink garden, including tulips forced for her by Fiesta Bulbs.

I thought I’d show you the exterior view of Ben Hoyle’s garden. He won the supreme award for construction and quite right too. The garden was beautifully finished.

Luxury, a bath in a pool in a garden! H&S Landscape Design won silver for this large garden that featured a double bed to the left of this picture.

And, finally, because it’s a flower show, here’s a shot of the Canterbury Horticultural Society Begonia Circle’s garden (with a mirror on the wall) that won gold.


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