Tree planting

Six years ago I was invited to the annual volunteers’ birthday breakfast at Te Puna Quarry Park, marking the month the project began in 1998. That 10th birthday was commemorated by having the area’s two mayors – the late Graeme Weld and Stuart Crosby – plant a kowhai tree each. The third one was planted by Shirley Sparks, the driving force behind the project for many years.

This year, there was another kowhai tree planted by Shirley, now a life member of the Quarry Park Society. But there are still only three kowhai trees.

Shirley Sparks plants another kowhai.

The two planted by the mayors have thrived, but sadly Shirley’s first attempt failed to thrive, something the committee felt a bit guilty about … so she was asked to try again. And I was there again.


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