Blooming now

From my garden this week …

The Vege Grower has outdone himself with the tomatoes this year – 13 big bottles of sauce so far, with chutney, relish and pulp also made, plus we’re eating them and giving them away. Funnily enough, I’ve heard two other gardeners say recently that there tomatoes have been a disappointment this year.

We’ve not had the same number of courgettes as last year, but the tomatoes and strawberries have performed brilliantly.

Hoya fusca.

I bought a couple of hoya off a keen grower at the beginning of the year – my three Hoya carnosa are all doing splendidly¬†so I was looking for something different in terms of colour. This is the first of the new additions to flower and … WOW! And even then the photo doesn’t do the depth of colour justice, it’s somehow blacker and redder. This is a beauty.

Coriolus versicolor fungus, I think.

If I’ve identified the fungus correctly, it’s part of the group known as “bracket fungus” that grow on dead wood, in this case the stump of a cotoneaster tree. Tests are being run on the fungus in the US to see if it contains properties to help fight cancer (claims made by Asian traditional herbalists). Read more about that here.

Maybe someone can tell me whether I’ve got the name right?


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