Carnations wanted

Paul Lander of Hawera has been in touch wanting to know if we still had access to Frank Sydenham’s collection of carnations. He had seen Frank’s plant list on the Sydenham Botanic Park website and wanted to see if we still had Maori Chief available. Alas, Frank’s plants have long gone.

Paul is collecting carnations and dianthus, new and old varieties, although is particularly after old, scented varieties.

“I’ve got quite a number of modern cut flower carnations both standard and spray and probably 20 different varieties of Dianthus, again mostly newer varieties,” he says.

“I’ve got hold of the old carnation Otaki Pink and an old purple variety with red flecks that I don’t know the name of. I’m particularly after old scented and if possible named varieties of carnations. I’m quite happy to either pay or swap plants with anyone.”

For more information email Paul or write to Paul Lander, 228 Meremere Road, RD 12, Hawera 4672.

Read an article here about the history of Dianthus and some of the hybrids we know and love.


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