A year’s worth of thanks

Just a quick round of thanks before the old year rolls out and the new year rolls in … to you, dear readers, for visiting often enough that I reckon it’s worth my while to keep posting.

According to my WordPress statistics for the year to December 24:

  • November was the busiest month with 2,532 views from 1,472 visitors (up from 448 views in November 2012)
  • The busiest single day was February 4 with 132 views and 66 visitors
  • The overwhelming majority of views come from New Zealand – 12,196, followed by the United States (1,616) and Australia (1,483) with Britain just about cracking four figures (840)
  • Visitors from far-flung countries have also found my site so I hope that those from Uzbekistan, Syria, Cote d’Ivoire, Chile and Hong Kong (among others) found what they were looking for
  • The Home page was the most popular, followed by the other pages on the top menu bar in this order: Specialist Growers, Open Gardens, Who I Am(!), Events, Groups and Things I Like
  • The most-read post has been Last word on pea-bean at 203 views
  • The two most popular links from Sandra’s Garden that visitors have “clicked out” on have been Jury’s Garden (118 clicks, the blog of Taranaki garden writer Abbie Jury) and Auckland business New Zealand Bamboo Specialists (112 clicks) with Northland specialist grower Russell Fransham’s Subtropicals website third on 47 clicks.

And a very big thank you to the 20 people who have signed up to “follow” this website – each time I make a new post they receive an email alert. I appreciate that commitment from you. (If you’d like to join the merry band of followers click on “Follow” at the top of the screen.)

I’d love to hear from you if you have the time, all you have to do is click on “leave a reply” at the end of a post.

With my very best wishes for 2014,


2 thoughts on “A year’s worth of thanks

    • Thank you Helen, that’s a lovely compliment. Knowing I have readers who appreciate the blog helps keep me motivated! I hope 2014 has started off well for you.

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