Save those seeds!

Here’s a date to mark on your brand-new calendar – on March 16 there will be an afternoon of garden trading at the Sydenham Botanic Park in Tauranga.

Gardeners are being invited to bring along seeds, cuttings, bulbs and excess produce to swap or sell. I’ve already collected some culinary sage seed and sweet William seed from my own garden.

I will also donate some of the poppy seed given to me this week for a red and white frilled beauty that looks like a tulip flower. As he put it into the envelope, Alan Trott reckoned he’d given me enough seed for about an acre of Danebrog Lace!

Danebrog Lace poppy.

So as we move into harvest season, how about also planning to bring along some things along to the swap meet? Having a stand will cost a gold coin donation to the Botanic Park project.

Text and photos copyright Sandra Simpson and may not be reused without permission.


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