Flowering now

Update: Ate one-third of the chive flower – zowie!!! Next time I think we’ll try a younger one and see if it’s any less zingy on the tongue. The sage flower seemed to taste of nothing much, suprisingly. Now, back to the original story …

It’s almost a case of what isn’t flowering in spring, isn’t it? But, having said that, we’ve had gale-force winds, reasonably hot days, pretty cold nights so the plants have had a bit to contend with.

One of the reasons I haven’t posted for almost a week is that we’ve had visitors – and one of the things they do, when not on holiday, is supply edible flowers to a Michelin-starred restaurant so thought I would share a couple of photos of the edible flowers in my garden now.

Sage in flower.

A chive flower – which is going to be eaten tonight!

You know how good things take time … well, sometimes disappointing things take time too. I bought a bundle of poppies from a garden centre last year but had had to wait until this year for them to flower.

Delighted to spy a big, fat bud earlier this week. Not so delighted when it revealed itself to be salmon pink, one of my least favourite flower colours. All was not lost though as flowering close to it is a bright orange tillandsia flower which looks as though it was planned. Well done, serendipity and nature!

The flower of Tillandsia recurvifolia var. secundiflora.

The “offending” salmon-pink poppy.


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