From our Singapore correspondent

The Vege Grower recently spent a few days in Singapore with the strict instructions that he was to get himself to the Gardens by the Bay, the massive public garden that opened last year. Massive? How does 101ha sound?

But the poor dear was there on business and his taskmasters worked him day and night … so even though he could see the gardens from his hotel room it seemed they would stay out of reach.

Supertrees – they range from 25m to 50m high – with a dome in the background.

But never under-estimate a vege grower (or a man whose wife has made a demand!) so early one morning – so early the the domes weren’t open and he was out and about with the tai chi-ers – he wandered through and took some photos before having to scurry back to work.

Well done, that man!

Some detail of the planting of the supertrees with the fabulous Marina Bay Sands Hotel in the background (there’s a pool on that rooftop). A resident of Singapore told me last weekend that to get it right the roof, which is supposed to resemble a canoe, was put on twice!

According to Wikipedia, the government of Singapore wants to turn it from the Garden City to the City in a Garden and the Gardens by the Bay are part of that plan. Read the full entry, which has detail on each section of the gardens, here.

Here’s a link to information about that hotel rooftop – 57 storeys up and with an infinity pool!

He knows I love orchids!

A tropical take on the green wall idea – bromeliads and an oncidium orchid.


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