Bits and pieces

There is to be a free rose pruning demonstration at 1.30pm on Sunday, June 23 at Palmer’s in Bethlehem. Laurie Jeyes has been pruning roses for some 55 years and likes sharing his expertise – he will also talk about general rose care and some useful tools. If you’re a novice pruner or tentative when it comes to cutting roses back, make sure to mark this on your calendar.

Pop over to the Events page for other happenings – local, national and international.

In an earlier posting, I wondered if anyone knew the name of this flower …

In one of those moments of serendipity a post on the Garden Drum website shortly afterwards gave me the answer – Iris unguicularis, possibly Mary Barnard. The plants are native to the eastern Mediterranean lands, as well as Algeria and Tunisia and are commonly known as the Algerian iris. And it’s winter flowering.

Fancy a meadow garden? I know I do, the main thing stopping me being my lack of a meadow. Philip Mould, one of the paintings experts from the Antiques Roadshow, decided that he couldn’t live without a meadow garden … and has written an article for the Daily Telegraph about the experience (which so far has had a less than ideal outcome).


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