Friday digest

The Invisible Beauty of Flowers is a photo gallery by Japanese artist Susumu Nishinaga published in the Guardian newspaper showing macro views of “petals, pollen and the power of life”.

Also from the Guardian is this piece on the release of 49 rare short-haired queen bumblebees in England (includes a video). Britain has a Bumblebee Conservation Trust too. I’ve never seen a bumblebee nest so will try and pay closer attention in the spring.

Warwick and Sue Forge, organisers of the biennial Australian Landscape Conference (September 20-24 this year), also run garden tours and this year and next are offering Gardens & Designers of South America, taking in Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. There is also a general tour of Peru which may be combined with this one. For more information email Warwick.  Dates for the garden tour are October 12 – November 2 this year, and September 20 – October 11 next year.

It was known as “the Delia effect” – when English television cook Delia Smith recommended a product or kitchen tool there was an almighty rush on them. But now English television gardener and author Monty Don is being blamed for causing a reverse situation, “the Monty effect”, whereby millions of bedding annuals are being thrown out by garden centres.

The mysteries of abbreviations in the orchid world are just that, a mystery. There are so many that orchid growers themselves don’t have them all memorised. However, the internet, which has the answers to most things if you know how to look, comes to the rescue, courtesy of Gary Wills of South Carolina. When I needed to know what “Rth” stood for recently and none of my reference books were much help I stumbled across his site. Bookmarked now for future use.


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