More Chelsea furore

And this time it’s the English designer of the Cloudy Bay Discovery Garden, sponsored by the well-known New Zealand winery, who is upset with the judging (see my earlier post here).

Andrew Wilson, who’s been a judge at Chelsea Flower Show for 17 years, is threatening to resign over what he sees as “petty” judging that resulted in the garden receiving a silver gilt and not a gold.

“When someone tells you your chairs are in the wrong place it is a petty point. It made me realise I am part of this process. Suddenly it was a slap in the face.”

Read more of his comments here. And see some photos of the garden here.

Meanwhile, the garden itself is now being remade in the vicinity of Waterloo station as four garden installations by four young garden designers for the Cityscapes garden festival which aims to demonstrate a new approach to the way urban parks and gardens are designed (unfortunately, the website hasn’t been updated yet for this year’s event!).

The festival will run from July to October.


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