Chelsea digest

Ah to be a garden writer in England
now that Chelsea’s here …

Well, I’ll just have to be content with reading the opinions of others – and what a blast they’re all having. I heard Rosemary Alexander speak  (briefly, it was in the middle of a talk on gardening in general) about her judging experience at Chelsea. Battle royale seemed to sum up the awarding of medals.

I mention that because one of the designers who didn’t win Best in Show has been complaining, prompting erudite garden writer Tim Richardson to explain the system to us mere mortals. Quote of the week: “They are spraying gold medals round like confetti.”

Garden Drum blogger Catherine Stewart of Australia has posted the first of her review of gardens, summarised as “a bit boring” (apart from the Best in Show Australian garden, of course). Read it here.

And here’s a look at some of the new plants being introduced at Chelsea, including one we must hope makes it these distant shores – Cercis canadensis Ruby Falls, a weeping form that has the popular Forest Pansy as one parent. New foliage emerges brick red, later darkening and then turning yellow in autumn.


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