Friday digest

For your weekend reading pleasure …

Local: Food Foragers Initiative is a new project in Katikati, based at Te Runanga O Ngai Tamawhariua (22-24 Waterford Rd, just off the main road) that stems from frustration at seeing so much food go to waste – rotting in gardens, orchards and at businesses. If you have something to donate to the group  phone Maria 549 1270, Elizabeth 027 768 8987 or Karen 549 0760.  Alternatively, if you know of someone who is in need of additional fresh food, head along to the Runanga and see what is available.

National: Loved this column by Abbie Jury on why lawns are bad for the environment. I’ve been muttering about lawns for years after hearing Trish Waugh on the subject of sustainability, but people don’t seem to get it. Have a lawn by all means, but at least know what it’s costing the environment.

Global: The World Landscape Art Exposition alongside Longqi Bay in Jinzhou, China  opened this month with two New Zealand companies involved in an ambitious project that runs until October and expects to attract 10 million visitors! (Surely, a case for an exclamation mark.) The exhibition covers 7 square kilometres and each design area runs about 3000sqm!

Prorata Landscape Architecture of Palmerston North has created the Aotearoa Park and Bespoke Landscape Architects of Howick, Auckland, the Waka Wetland

Read more about the expo here.

Listening: National Radio’s Katherine Ryan this week interviewed John Bunker, a nurseryman from Maine and the founder of Fedco Seeds Trees. John is trying to save heirloom apple varieties and over the last 30 years, estimates he’s rescued some 100 varieties from oblivion. He also talks about the old apples being often not good eating apples but perfect for cooking, preserving and making cider – and how modern consumers don’t “get” that. (The broadcast is 28 minutes, 12 seconds.)

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