Weekend events

Just back from the Daffodil Planting Day at Sydenham Botanic Park – steady trickle of visitors who looked at and talked about the draft plan for the gardens, planted bulbs, blew bubbles, ate sausages, asked questions and generally had fun.

Steve Webb, TCC’s parks manager, and son Ted lay out bulbs ready for planting.

Bulbs were donated by a garden centre and horticulturalist Howard Martin who knew Frank Sydenham pretty well. In a nice touch, the bulbs Howard donated are descended from those that were grown by Frank on the same land.

People of all ages came along to plant a few bulbs.

Yesterday’s visit was to the annual BOP Orchid Show in Te Puke. As always, there were beautiful plants on display and the temptation of plenty of plants to buy.

Natalie Simmonds had taken along her Grand Champion Tillandsia tectorum from the recent NZ Bromeliad Show in Auckland and that was displayed among the broms.

Last year’s Grand Champion from the BOP Orchid Show, a Phalenopsis owned by Diane Hintz of Te Puke, was on display this year but not entered in competition. Yes, that is one plant.

Epicattleya Volcano Trick Orange Fire was on the champions’ table.


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