This and that

Been here and there lately, a bit of this, a bit of that – here are a few photos.

I’ve never much cared for nectarines, don’t know why, but this week shared a
fresh-off-the-tree Mabel fruit with the garden owner. Delicious. The fruit is quite dramatic looking – purple skin with a pale yellow flesh – and the gardener says the tree’s new growth is purple, making it spectacular tree in spring. Nectarines are self-fertile.

Mabel is named for the Waikato gardener who discovered this natural hybrid of a Blackboy peach in her garden.

Have given up dead-heading as the dry weather continues – can’t be bothered and figured the plants could do with a break. The ploy paid off when a pair of goldfinches visited to feed on the cosmos seed heads.

A goldfinch enjoys cosmos seeds. Photo: Sandra Simpson

One of my favourite fruits is the fig – we generally lose the spring crop on our potted tree to wind so have to wait patiently for the autumn crop to size up and ripen. Spying a sign for “figs” on the side of the road near Te Puna this week I found the fruit stand – one bag left. Yay!

Took a visiting Englishwoman out for the day recently and part of the tour was Waihi Beach – I think the things she enjoyed the most were the road-side fruit and vege stands and the locally made Waitete ice-cream from the health food store (cause it’s all natural). I didn’t try their fig flavour so that pleasure is to come.

And, finally, while plenty of plants are still flowering, some struggling, other still looking good, the sedums are just beginning to start their flowering.


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