Ellerslie Flower Show

The grandly named Ellerslie International Flower Show opens its gates to the public this morning (March 6). The event is also now rather confusingly named as it’s held in Christchurch, not Auckland. But when the Christchurch City Council bought the brand, Ellerslie was what it paid for.

I haven’t been to a show since the 2011 earthquake but will probably look at attending next year. It’s always good for me if there is someone/a company from this area exhibiting a garden, otherwise it’s hard to justify the expense, which is my own. And previously I stayed in the CBD, just a short walk from the Hagley Park site, but that is a little more complicated now.

One of the highlights should be a gold-medal winner from the Singapore Garden Festival made by Andy Ellis and Danny Kamo (watch a video about it, 4mins38), which has been adapted to showcase sculptures by Weta Workshop in The Gloaming exhibition.

The “sculptural portraits” are based on Eurocentric and Pacific mythological creatures and will be in a native bush garden.

The Kamo-Ellis garden will still feature the cave that was created by Weta Workshop for Singapore, but the shaking movement has been removed.

The Starlight Marquee is missing from the show this year so perhaps this exhibit will make up for that, especially as in 2010 the supreme winner in Christchurch came from the Starlight Marquee.

See a One News video about the winners, including the Supreme winners (a pair of design students), here. Or read an article here (the Supreme winner is about half-way down, but only a small photo.) Oddly, Ellerslie’s own website hasn’t been updated yet with the list of winners.


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